Chris was probably destined to end up in the recording studio. As a small child in England, he is reported to have played, and then subsequently destroyed, all of his mom's 78 RPM Beatles and Elvis records on the turntable.


Growing up, he would often be found glued to the radio, cassette recorder at the ready, waiting to capture his latest favorite song.


Chris first entered the world of recording studios at the age of 17, immediately after finishing school. He got his first break into the pro recording world, by studying electronics, and by getting various installation jobs in studios.

Despite his skills (or lack thereof) with the soldering iron, his rise through the studio ranks, was the tried and tested route, of tea boy, assistant, engineer, producer.


His career has seen him writing and performing in various bands, composing for commercials, creating original sound design for films, and of course recording, producing and mixing albums.


He has spent the past 30 years working in both the British and South African recording industries. 


As a producer, Chris likes to be hands on with all stages of the growth of a musical idea, from the simplest sketch, right through to the final master. 

He particularly enjoys the mixing stage, which he sees as his opportunity to really sink his skills into exploring and bringing out the best in a recording.


He moved from London in 2010, and has chosen to settle in Cape Town. Since then, he has inspired the growth of the high-end, boutique recording facility - Digital Forest Studio. He has also set up his own production studio at The Planet Art, just off trendy Kloof Street in the heart of Cape Town. This is known as DarkPopChris HQ.


Recent work has seen him help create Yoav's third studio album 'Blood Vine', bring life to Politik's debut album 'Tell Me The Answer', resurrect 90's alternative rock band Fetish, with their new album 'Little Heart', produce and co-write 6 tracks for Louise Carver's latest album, and also pursue various other mixing and song writing projects.


He looks forward to many busy and creatively challenging years ahead.