Where the hell have I been? 

Making an album, mixing an EP, mixing a single, writing tracks, fighting the good fight, living life ...

Busy updating the site.

Producer Matt Fink at Darkpopchris HQ 

Producer extraordinaire Matt Fink (Matthew Mole / Tailor / Just Music) has been busy working at Darkpopchris HQ this month, recording material for Sannie Fox's (Ex Machineri) new album.

He has also tracked the entire upcoming VanT album in my room.

Thankfully we even got time in his busy schedule to share in our love of obscure music and craft beer.

Cheers Matt


A Song A Week - Simon Van Gend - Posted 24 October 2014 

Here's a song from Simon Van Gend's self imposed 'A Song A Week' challenge.
I was so impressed by Simon's undertaking of this task that I had to offer to get involved and help out with the recordings, knowing that magic could happen at any moment.
This is the 35th track we have recorded together. All the songs from this series of recordings are 'one take only', there are no studio tricks involved.
2 microphones, 1 voice, 1 guitar, hit record, play song once, mix out, post to blog, done.
Listen and…

It's been a while since my last confession ... I mean post - Posted 28 February 2014 

I have had Yoav back in my studio over the last couple of weeks.
We have been putting together some material for remix purposes.
This is before he heads off to tour Canada.   I also worked with Flying Films this week, recording voice over and final mixing a documentary for the UK NGO (Egmont).   I am now off to continue producing a track for a client in Denmark.   The Benguela album has been mixed for a while now.
I now await final song titles, so I can create the master for production.   New toys…

DJ'ing Again - Posted 20 October 2013 

If the time it takes to recover is any indication of how great a party it was, this was a smashing great one.
I got to DJ at The Harley Davidson club on Friday for a Birthday Celebration.
Thanks to Elmarie for the festivities.

I got to play some old classics from across the decades ... and a few modern electronic gems.