" I spent 9 months in the trenches (studio) with Chris working on my record - 'Blood Vine', and had a splendid time, 
as well as turning out some of the best tracks I have recorded.
Chris is passionate about detail and patiently makes sure the song sounds correct, which is a big deal for me.
He has a wide range of musical influences to draw from,
and was up for whatever crazy record-making adventures I set out on. "

Louise Carver - singer / songwriter

" I chose to work with Chris Tuck on my 5th studio album, 'Say it to my face,'
because of the way he understands subtlety and emotions in music.
I wanted an electronic album but needed my voice and melody to be respected, and Chris did that beautifully.
His haunting productions worked brilliantly with my vocals and lyrics,
and the tension he created through light and shade in the track was breathtaking.
It was a privilege to work with him and I really hope to do so again soon. "

Matt Fink - producer / A&R - Artist Relations (Just Music)

" Chris is my first stop whenever I have studio work in Cape Town.
He has an amazing knowledge from both a creative and technical point of view.
Every session I've worked with Chris has been absolutely seamless,
always with a relaxed, yet hardworking and creative atmosphere. "

Dominic Forrest - Composer / Guitarist - Fetish

" Chris did a fantastic job producing this album in what was an almost impossible time schedule -
I don't think anyone else that I know of could have done what he did in that space of time.
As far as I'm concerned Chris is the best producer in South Africa and his musicality,
technical skills and understanding of band dynamics are second to none. "

Amanda Luyt - singer / producer

" Christopher is by far the most humble engineer I have met during my 30 years in the industry!
Not only that, but his ear proved to be spot on for the pop mixes I needed!
What a pleasure to work with him! "

Ross Campbell - Drummer - Benguela / Fetish / Simon Van Gend / Urban Creep

" I've worked with Chris Tuck over many years, across varied projects and he's always brilliant.
Constantly moving with the technology - keeping sounds fresh but with that balance that experience brings,
and always at the service of the song. "

Simon Van Gend - Singer / Songwriter

" Chris has been doing live recordings for my 'song a week' project each week, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the simple guitar and voice recordings end up sounding - rich, atmospheric and detailed without being overcooked in any way, somehow bringing out all the presence and vitality of the music.
He's also really easy to work with - he has the sort of gentle, un-intimidating personality, very valuable in a producer, that tends to bring out the best in a performance. "

Claes Kasper BAng

"I worked with Chris long distance, sending files back and forth, which has been a very interesting approach. I found that Chris had the perfect ear for my music, staying true to what I came up with, and then adding his unique touch. And such a nice guy, too. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with him."

Digital Forest Studios

" We have worked with Chris on various projects over the past 5 years,
and he never ceases to amaze us with his attention to detail and hands on approach.
Whatever the client is looking for, Chris provides, and the outcome has always been quality.
Chris' personality brings a sense of calm to the room which is a massive plus for any artist / band.
He also likes the same beer as us which has proven to be very important after long sessions. "

Robert Schroder - Owner / Composer - Robroy Music

" Chris worked during the 90's, as sound engineer, programmer and mixer for Robroy Music
on numerous award winning TV, Cinema and Radio commercials.
His production / programming / mixing credits include the multi platinum Ringo Madlingozi album - Sondelani,
featuring the hit Sondela. "

Isa Lee Jacobson - Owner / Editor - Flying Films